Shipping & Returns

  1. Do you ship outside of the USA?
  2. Order Process and Shipping?
  3. Why Do I need to "Contact for SHIPPING QUOTE"?
  4. Is there a cost on returns?
  5. Wheel & Tire Returns

Q: Do you ship outside of the USA?

No we do not ship internationally. At this time, we currently only ship to the lower 48 United States.

Q: Order Process and Shipping?

Once your order has been received, a customer service specialist will review and confirm that your items are In-Stock and Available for shipment. Should there be any questions about fitment, one of our specialists may call you to discuss the vehicle and type of application you are going for to ensure the best look and fitment for your car.

Once confirmed, you will receive updated email notifications that your order is now "Processing". Once your items have shipped, you will receive another email notification that your order is "Complete" and tracking information regarding your shipment will be provided. Tracking information is typically availabe 24-48 business hours after your order has been confirmed.

Shipping delay can occur for a variety of reasons and we will of course do our best to mimimize any issues and keep in constant communication with you should any issues arise regarding your order and/or shipment from us or from the manufacturer.

Some things you can do to ensure no delays on your end is to double check the billing and shipping addresses so there are no conflicts. If there is an issue with your form of payment, your shipment will be delayed. If the shipping company can not deliver the package to your chosen shipping address we will contact you via phone or email. If a business address is available to you, we strongly suggest shipping there as many wheels and tires come shipped via freight and the large trucks need space to turn around that is normally not available to them on neighborhood streets.

Some other things to consider when placing your order, is time of order placement (ie: week day vs weekend and actual time of day). During the holiday season, shipping delivery will also vary.

Q: Why Do I need to "Contact for SHIPPING QUOTE"?

(Used for Multiple Tire Purchase and/or Wheel & Tire Pacakges)

We like to offer competative rates and utilize both the FedEx and UPS calculators to quote shipping rates on our website. However, we know that these calculators often run "high" on shipping prices and they do not represent actual shipping costs we would charge our valued customers.

Because of this, we have added the payment option of INVOICE at checkout. You simply add the wheels, tires, TMPS and any other accessories you'd like to your cart, enter your name, address and telephone information as usual, but instead of entering your credit card information or logging in to your PayPal account as the "payment method", you would simply choose INVOICE and submit your order.

Once our Customer Service Department receives your "order inquiry", we will promptly review it for item availability and return a shipping rate quote back to you within 24 business hours or less. In most cases we will call you to discuss your order and to confirm fitment for your vehicle and share with you the Freight Quote.

We utilize R&L Carriers as our service provider with the majority of our freight shipping needs. We have had good experiences with them and they are typically very fast in delivering the product to our customers.

Please note, choosing INVOICE at checkout does not lock you in to the purchase of your wheels, tires, etc. We understand you need to see what the Shipping Rate is first to confirm your order and we respect that. Once our Customer Service Representative contacts you to discuss the rates, at that time you can let us know if you'd like to continue with this purchase, choose other items or cancel your order altogether. We are very flexible and we want to earn your business.

Q: Is there a cost on returns?

Once an item is Approved for a return, shipping fees are the customer's responsibility. We strongly recommend that you use a service that provides tracking information.

Amount of refund will be based on the purchase price of your product less any re-stocking fees*, if applicable.

Q: Wheel & Tire Returns

Here at CS Motorsports we follow the strict "Return Policies" provided to us by the wheel and tire manufacturers. Please note that each manufacturer may have different policies and will vary.

For Wheel Returns, only those wheels that have not been mounted, are in their original packaging and were purchased within the last 30 days are applicable for returns.

For Tire Returns, only those that have not been mounted to a wheel, have the original tire manufacturer sticker/ID still attached and have been purchased within the last 30 days will qualify for a return.

Also note, only those returns that are "Approved" for a return are subject to a 15% non-refundable Re-stocking Fee or $39.95, whichever is greater.

If there is an issue regarding quality of your tire or wheel, contact us immediatley to discuss your options for an exchange or return.

If you receive damaged items, you MUST contact us immediately - take photos of everything! (packaging/boxes/etc). If you are signing for a package/delivery, it is your (as the customer or person signing) responsibilty to check the products/shipment prior to accepting them from the delivery company. Once damaged items have been 'accepted', we will be unable to assist in a return.

ALL returns MUST BE Pre-Approved for return prior to you shipping the wheels or tires back to us, no exceptions!